Your Seat gives them a Stage

Support the new deaf-blind ensemble of the Nalaga'at ("Do Touch") Theater

By purchasing a seat at the Nalaga'at Theater you are supporting the new deaf-blind ensemble composed of Jews, Muslims and Samaritans and are assisting us in building the Theater as a sustainable and innovative cultural center.

Mrs. Adina Tal, Founder and Director of the Nalaga'at Theater, began working ten years ago with deaf-blind individuals, establishing the first-ever theater ensemble composed of deaf-blind actors. The lives of the eleven deaf-blind ensemble members changed forever – after living in isolation, darkness and stillness they are now able to express themselves, bring to light their creative skills and earn their own living.

The group, with its unique theatrical language, is currently staging the show "Not by Bread Alone". It has become a known fact in the Israeli cultural landscape and is attracting enormous international attention, including performances in Europe and South Korea.

During the fall of 2009 the Nalaga'at Theater began a process of identifying deaf-blind individuals with an emphasis on creating a multi-cultural group, eventually bringing together eleven Jews, Muslims and Samaritans. We aim to develop the group into an ensemble that will stage a new show titled "Amusement Park", where the audience can encounter deaf—blinds from various cultures in Israeli society.

Supporting the new group will assist the theater, the deaf-blind group members and the audience in embarking on a journey that crosses boundaries of senses and cultures, encouraging tolerance and acceptance of others and of ourselves.

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