Direction and Stage Production: Adina Tal

The “Na Lagaat” theater was established in 2002 by Adina Tal and Eran Gur. “Light is Heard in Zig Zag”, the theater company’s first play was the first of its kind in the world. The show was performed throughout Israel with great success, and thereafter in Canada, the United States and Switzerland. In addition, “Light is Heard in Zig Zag” was performed at the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset) in January 2004 and at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva in April 2005.

The show was created in a long and enduring process, as a full collaboration between Adina Tal and the deaf-blind actors. During drama workshops, each one of the actors expressed his/her heart-wish. The group worked on rhythm and improvisations, using hand shake, body movement and touch-sign language with the help of special interpreters. Gradually, the actors’ dreams and aspirations were woven into a play to be performed on stage. This show, “Light is Heard in Zig Zag”, allowed the deaf-blind actors of the Nalaga’at Acting Ensemble to break through their own personal boundaries.

Length: 90 Minutes


“Step out of your ordinary lives and go to see this theater…an excellent show”
(Adam Baruch, “Maariv”)

(Aharon Barnea, Channel 2, Israeli news)

“Please welcome the most astonishing hit of the Israeli theater.”
(Shuki Tausing, “Kol Ha’ir)

“A shaking experience compelling me to encourage whoever I meet to see the show”
(Rubik Rosental, Zman Tel Aviv)